Examples of Recovery Method

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Example 1

Step 1:I have the problem of hallucinations. Last Saturday morning before returning from my job I saw in my mind girls having my face and who troubled me a lot. They said I should not look after my 14-month child. They said I would not be able to do any work after I go home. I had the job of feeding rice to my child, giving her a bath and also giving her milk. The faces said they won’t let me do all this work for my child.
Step 2: I got tensed up immediately. I felt depressed and tired. I knew I could not tell my mother to look after my child, as she was tired after doing morning chores.
Step 3: I knew the faces I was seeing were unreal and so I ignored them, using the tool "Feelings are not facts." I commanded my muscles to move and carried out all the responsibilities of my daughter like feeding her and giving her bath, saying "Maintaining my inner peace is my supreme goal". Peace of mind was my goal. As thoughts can be suppressed, rejected or dropped, I put away the negative thoughts in my mind. The tool "Try-fail, try-fail, try-succeed" made me succeed in putting negative thoughts out of my mind and thus could do all the chores for my child.
Step 4: In case I had not known the Recovery self-help method I would have worked myself up and would have become more depressed. I would have cried before my mother saying, I will do nothing for my child and that she should do everything for her. I would also go to sleep which would make my mother angry and she would scold me for not doing my work. I would fight with my mother saying she is not trying to understand me. The tools gave me strength and I went home and fed her rice, gave her a hot water bath. After an hour I gave her milk. I did not tell my mother to do all this work and carried out my responsibilities. I also put my daughter to sleep. I endorsed myself for doing a good job.
- MM

Example 2

Step 1: I was going regularly for my painting classes in the morning. From there I would come to the SPA office to help the clerk in office work in the afternoon. I would return home in the evening I was fruitfully occupied for at least 5 to 6 hours for 2 to 3 months. Suddenly one fine day onwards I stopped the routine.
Step 2: I started feeling guilty and hating myself for my sudden inactivity and having insight, I knew that it was sheer lethargy. I was being an escapist, and negative thoughts started entering my mind.
Step 3: I moved my muscles by going for a long walk, that too, uphill! By doing so, I transformed the vicious cycle of helplessness into the vitalizing cycle of self-confidence. I also used the tool, 'Bear Discomfort And Comfort Will Come.' Try-fail, try-fail, try-succeed' and 'Will to effort' were other tools that came to my mind.
Step 4: Had I not been attending RECOVERY meetings regularly, my condition would have deteriorated and I would have continued sleeping for the whole day. I endorsed myself for using the Recovery method at the right time.
- SA

Example 3

Step 1: We had recently rented a small apartment for our office. We had an agreement with the landlord regarding rent and other terms. Once to clarify a particular issue, I telephoned him. The landlord told me something that I realized was outside of our contract. He further told me in an angry tone, "How do you expect everything according to your own terms?"
Step 2: That time I started getting angry. My ears started feeling hot and I started feeling breathless. My voice trembled and I shifted to an argumentative tone
Step 3: I spotted that I was having both fearful and angry temper. I realized that there was nothing right or wrong and that temper is bad. I spotted that I could excuse the landlord rather than accuse him. I know that I cannot control the outer environment, only my inner environment. I decided that my internal peace is my supreme goal and moved my muscles by taking one or two deep breaths. I dropped the judgment. Softly, but in certain words, I brought to his notice the original terms of the contract.
Step 4:Before Recovery practice I would have got annoyed and thought he was wrong. I might have shouted or said something in an angry tone which he would have capitalized upon. I would have spent two or three days in distress, confusion and anger. Because of the Recovery method I became quiet instantly and could take the total view. I could control my speech muscles and express myself in a cultured manner. These efforts certainly helped me to maintain my internal peace as well as the internal peace of our organization.
I endorse myself for all the efforts I took.
- AV

Example 4

Step 1: Last Sunday was my sister's wedding when I had to receive many guests and interact with them. It was so very difficult to talk with so many for so long.
Step 2: I was frightened and realized I was becoming stiff. In that huge crowd I felt very lonely and irritable. I could no longer talk to even known persons.
Step 3: I thought that helplessness was not hopelessness. My feelings of loneliness may not necessarily be facts. I commanded my muscles, stayed in one place and spoke to a few guests.
Step 4:Had I not known the method I would have run away from the place in sheer panic. Out of fright I may have even asked why so many persons need to come at all for the function. But Recovery training made the difference. And I endorsed myself for my effort.
- SA

Example 5

Step 1: When I was sitting with my parents that night after dinner, I suddenly started laughing continuously. I simply could not control my laughter and so I got angry with myself.
Step 2: I realized I had some funny tickling sensation with irritation. I was embarrassed and felt helpless because it would not stop.
Step 3:When nothing could be done about my laughter I said that it may be distressing but not dangerous. I decided to bear with the discomfort and hoped comfort would come.
Step 4: Without knowing Recovery method I would not have been able to forgive myself and become highly irritable. The evening with my parents would have been spoiled. But Recovery changed all that and brought peace to me. I am endorsing myself now because I forgot to do the same then.

- RI