SAA's Role in Self - Help Support Group

What SAA is doing is part of self-help movement. Why do you call it a movement?

Way back in 1997 when some sbhubhankars and shubharthis came together the purpose was very limited. That was to find ways and means for relief from suffering. Getting organized then was tough, as we didn't know anything more than sharing our problems. How long could this go on? So members' attendance started dwindling. Only later on when we planned some group activity did more persons begin participating in the meetings. A separate support group for shubharthis was started based on the Recovery method of Dr Abraham Low. This helped them to better cope with day-to-day problem Gradually public awareness programmes were conducted and they drew large crowds. Further, formal short-term training was offered to shubhankars. That was appreciated as it gave the shubhankars both knowledge and skills to cope with their life situation. What started as a small beginning has now metamorphosed into a Movement!

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What else does SAA do for the self-help movement to sustain?

We found our efforts yielding results in terms of spreading awareness, coping with stigma and other issues of mental health management. Newspaper articles, re orientation programmes for college students and the general medical practitioners, book and magazine publication, website, presentations at seminars and conferences, movie production, starting support groups at more cities etc. had started an all-encompassing impact on the society.

That is why we consider what SAA has been doing is a movement in restoration of hope and health in mental care. Of course, there is need for a lot more to be done. We also find many other similar organizations are doing a wonderful job for this very cause. So it is the cumulative and continuing effort that deserves the description as movement.

All shubhankar's are an important part of this universal movement!

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